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    The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project supports the Karmakol Festival
    14 December 2017

    Karmakol is a village on the Nile, approximately 330 km northwest of Khartoum and the birthplace of Tayeb Salih, arguably Sudan’s best-known novelist. Now it is also the place of a fascinating international artistic collaboration.

    Under the patronage of the Sudanese and Swiss Commissions for UNESCO, the NGO “Swiss Initiative – Culture Projects Sudan,” began two years ago to create a joint venture, the Karmakol Festival, that was inaugurated on December 14th for the first time. Sudanese, Swiss and international artists have come together at Karmakol with the aim to support Sudanese culture through capacity building, knowledge exchange and a series of cultural projects. The overall goal of the Karmakol Festival is it to contribute to intercultural understanding and international cultural cooperation, two constant priorities of UNESCO.

    As part of the scheduled activities during the festival, two QSAP mission directors, Dr. Intisar Sorghayoun (QSAP-9) and Dr. al-Hassan Ahmed Mohammed (QSAP-15a) gave a workshop on “Archaeology and Identity”.

    QSAP has furthermore supported the Karmakol Festival by making it possible to build essential visitor facilities and water tanks.  



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