The Annual Sudan Archaeological Research Society’s Colloquium
    and the QSAP Scientific Board Meeting in London

    The Society organizes every year a one-day international colloquium on recent archaeological fieldwork in Sudan. During this year’s colloquium, held on May 10 in the British Museum, scholars presented nine papers, the majority of which offered new results about ongoing research by missions associated with QSAP (see http://www.sudarchrs.org.uk/sars_2018programme2_10-05/).

    On the following day, the Scientific Board of QSAP met for its annual meeting. Present members included Dr. Vivian Davies (President), Dr. Vincent Rondot (Musée de Louvre). Dr. Salaheldin Mohammed (QSAP) and Dr. Thomas Leisten (Qatar Museums); other members such as Prof. Charles Bonnet and Dr. Abdelrahman Ali were unable to join this time. A report was presented to the Board about the positive meeting between officials of the Sudanese government and NCAM on one hand and those of Qatar Museums in Doha at the end of last March. During the meeting, possibilities and options for a continuation of the program but also its extension after the year 2019 were discussed.  The Board furthermore discussed the self-evaluations which had been submitted by all missions prior to the meeting and which forms the basis for continued funding by Qatar Museums throughout the coming year. 



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